Raundals Ridge Ski-tour

Raundalsryggen (The Raundals ridge) is the skyline up the highest mountains of Voss: Horndalsnuten (1461), Skipadalsnuten (1496), Seldalsnuten (1548) and Olsskavlen (1576)

Rookie Friday

Guided ski touring for the new recruits! On Rookie Friday, you get to take part in an affordable and mentored ski trip. There is a lot more to think than where you should go, and if it is safe to go. Get all the basics right for starting your ski touring career!

Snowshoeing at Hanguren

Join us on a personal and all-inclusive snowshoeing experience high above Voss! Enjoy the deep snow and lovely winter nature near Voss Resort without skis.

Ski touring in Voss

Join our qualified guides on a tour above breathtaking fjords, a hunt for powder in the forest, alpine ridges or on a perfect family tour. All of our guides are qualified avalanche instructor level 1 or superior and have large experience in the Mountains of Voss and the fjord region.