A unique yoga class with relaxing vinyasa flow sequences on large, stable SUP yoga boards for beginners and experienced yoga students.

'Add-Ons' available during the booking process!

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From Voss Train Station
75 kr per person
  • From Voss Train Station to the Rafting Base
  • Pick up 30mins before trip


To Voss Train Station
75 kr per person
  • From the Raft Base
  • About 30mins after the trip

Hot Tubs

30 minutes dip
150 kr per person
  • 30 minute dip after the trip

Meal after trip

Hearty meal in the Elvatun
245 kr per person
  • Vegetarian option available

Towel Rental

We have fresh towels for rent
60 kr Per person
  • Collect at check-in
  • Drob-box when leaving